Formation of energy-efficient consciousness of Ukrainian society and the need to tackle the general line of all branches of power for the increase of energy efficiency of the Ukrainian economy requires the continuous and comprehensive explanations of the purposes and ways to achieve european levels of energy intensity of production and the careful attitude to the energy consumption in the households and the public sector.

One of the methods, which have proven themselves in the matter of lighting and popularization of the acute problems of the society, has become securing certain calendar dates as memorable and special. This practice applies not only to Ukraine, but it is widely used in the world. Examples could be: the Day of the protection of the environment, the Day of protection of monuments of culture, the Day of the oceans, etc.

Ukrainian society is faced with the problem of energy dependence of the state on external sources of energy supply and the need for a speedy modernization of the Ukrainian economy. Both of these issues are not given the chance to become the Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian economy competitive in the modern world.

Energy efficiency, that is rational and reasonable consumption of energy resources, as well as the development of renewable energy, is the only way to become equal in the european family, raising through the decision of these tasks the social standards of the society and improving the ecological condition in the country.

The nature itself gives us an idea of the specific date - the Day of the efficient use of energy resources. It is the day on June 21. Day of the summer solstice. The day when nature itself allows minimal use of energy for heating and lighting. The day when nature itself shows that it is necessary to maximally use of renewable sources of energy - sun, wind, heat of the earth, water energy, biomass energy. On the day when nature itself calls on us to think about the future and leave future generations not the energy of the desert, and democratic and prosperous Ukraine!

We hope that our initiative will be supported by all layers of the society and the "Day of the efficient use of energy resources" will be officially fixed by the respective normative act.

With respect
Honorary President of
"Fund of energy efficiency investments" I. Cherkashyn

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