The Third Ukrainian Contest «TOP Energy efficiency» 2010

In the third time «Fund of energy efficient investments» carries out Ukrainian contest «TOP Energy efficiency».
Two previous years showed high activity in this sphere, as well as in the sphere of renewable energy, manufacturing of energy efficient equipment and implementation of innovative technologies in our country.
We continue to search and promote the best participators in this sphere and invite scientists, companies and other organisation to take part in the contest in 2010.

The perion when you can present materials for the contest is:

You are able to fill out the registration form on our website. Registration form

Association «All-Ukrainian Amalgamation «Fund of Energy-Efficient Investments»


The Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety. (more about>>)

Ministry of regional development and construction of Ukraine. (more about>>)

Ministry of regional development and construction of Ukraine suggests to attract to the commission of the Contest Head of Department of energy efficiency in building, board of architectural and engineering systems of buildings and structures Roman Lavryshuk.

Міністерство Палива та Енергетики України. (more about >>)

Information support:

Magazine "Energosberezhenie"

Portal «City Infrastructure», TV channel

Magazine "MM Money & Technologies"


TOV "Informburo"

Nominations of the contest
«Best application of energy efficient technologies»

«Best manufacture of energy efficient equipment»

«Best scientific and technical breakthrough in field of energy efficiency»

«Best energy efficiency project investment»

«Best elucidation of energy efficiency in mass media»

The committee marks participant’s activity according to the following factors:

- effective using of energy resources;
- application of energy efficient technique and equipment;
- fitting out with systems of registration, control and regulation of energy resources consumption;
- using non-conventional sources of energy;
- using secondary resources;
- propaganda of energy efficiency and energy saving ideas;
- employees motivation in field of energy saving;
- best reasonable decision in sphere of energy resources economy.

Aims and tasks of the contest:

- propaganda of energy efficiency and energy saving ideas, shaping of new mentality of Ukrainians as for power consumption;
- manufacturing promotion and adoption of domestic energy saving technologies;
- more fully using of secondary energy resources, non-conventional and renewable sources of energy;
- using of biotechnologies;
- reduction of energy intensity for output manufacturing or services, decreasing of energy resources specific consumption;
- experience exchange in field of energy saving;
- wide coverage by mass media energy saving problems and energy efficiency.

Industry , transport , telecommunication, building, agricultural, service companies, state financed organisations, hospitals and universities, mass media can participate in the contest.

The contest commission are expert from ministries and administration, representatives of investors.

The information about participants of the contest will be available in catalogue “TOP-Energy efficiency in Ukraine,”in DVD version and on the website of the Fund

At the final conference the winners will be rewarded with statutes “Lily Energy efficiency” and certificates.

The information about the contest is available to local and central authorities, ministries and administrations, representatives of investors, which finance sphere of energy efficiency.

At the same time «Fair of projects» with presence of potential investors will be carried out.

Additional information: Tel: (044) 287-64-30(fax),
(050) 390-52-16, (050) 593-62-12

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